I am an artist based in Ireland. Throughout my artistic journey, I have actively fostered cultural exchange as the former President of the Bray Camera Club and a Brazilian Cultural Ambassador, facilitating exhibitions between Ireland and Brazil. My work has been showcased in various countries including France, Belgium, the USA, Finland, Japan, and Brazil. 

Drawing inspiration from the visionary works of Man Ray and Salvador Dali, I strive to infuse my creations with a unique blend of fascination and introspection. Their artistic vision has shaped my own approach, guiding me to explore new realms of expression.

Collaborating with fellow artists has been an essential aspect of my growth. It has allowed me to expand my creative horizons and push the boundaries of my artistic expression. Working alongside talented individuals has been an enriching experience, igniting new ideas and opening doors to exciting possibilities.

I am passionate about the power of art to bridge cultures and connect people. Through my collaborations and exhibitions, I aim to create meaningful connections and inspire others with my artistic exploration.

Join me on this artistic journey as we delve into the realms of fascination and introspection together. Let’s continue to push the boundaries and embrace the limitless possibilities of creativity!